abcMob is an innovator in the application business. We create applications that can be used on desktops, tablets and mobile. Our approach is to create native applications plus allowing for HTML5 access to the service. We write one code that can later be translated to native code on different platforms (native Objective-C, native Java on Android, C on Windows/Linux..etc) and then compiled to get full working application. Our technology allow us to maintain the same look/feel of application between different devices and make sure that updates are happening on all versions at the same time.


We had an idea to make it easier to develop mobile applications on many different platforms that are suitable for SMEs. We joined the incubator to get good consultation about our new idea and how best to implement it. The idea has been greatly improved, refined and we have now good sales operations going. We have already covered more than 18 different sectors with ready-made mobile applications on Android, iOS and HTML. Our applications are native and compatible with wide range of handsets.

Problem to Solve

Many small and medium companies would like to move to the mobile space. There are several challenges:
1) The mobile landscape is fragmented with many different operating systems
2) Not all development companies have ability to develop on all platforms.
3) Development on all platforms is a must to accommodate the sheer amount of devices
4) These SMEs would like to have a cheap and quick solution and can't wait for companies to start from scratch.


To quickly create cross platform mobile applications for different business, we built a framework that addresses both technical and business challenges. The framework allowed us to explain business processes and produce native code for different platforms. Although the development of this framework has took more than one year and lot of iterations but it has helped easily and quickly build applications for 18 different sectors.
We are now presenting the customer with half made solution that is close to what they have in mind. In two weeks we can get a beta version of what the customer needs. Our software architecture is also separated in different layers thus we don't need to get access to the client's servers when building the mobile application.

Video Presentation

How abcmob was able to address 18 different industries quickly with customized native mobile applications? Please check this video to learn more about abcmob.

abcAirlines Android

Simple airline android application

abcBanking Android

Simple banking android application.

abcHRIS Android

Simple human resources android application.

abcAirlines iOS

Simple airline iphone application.

abcBanking iOS

Simple banking iphone application.


Simple HRIS iphone application.