Our Vision

We envision a world in which no start-up should be left behind simply because of the lack of access to funding, mentorship and access to vital connections. We strive our very best to find, help and empower the next generation of value-driven and far-reaching start-ups and provide a one-stop solution to all the tech-based start-ups, irrespective of wherever they are.

Our Mission

Our mission is to find, fund and develop a sustainable tech start-up eco system in which tech start-ups can develop their ideas, refine their products and scale their ideas to the next level. We go to extreme lengths to help us find the next generation of ground-breaking, disruptive and high-impact start-ups and then we build their capabilities. We provide start-ups with technical expertise and cash funding on a co-founding basis by matching whatever they are ready to invest with equivalent amount from our side. For instance, if a start-up idea is going to cost $400 K to be able to convert it into a MVP, then our investment strategy is to invest 50% and the rest of 50% will be contributed by the start-up itself. In addition, we will help our start-up candidates with all the key resources, connect them with seasoned mentors and consultants, provide business connections and strive our best to help them make substantial improvements in their entrepreneurial journey, so that start-ups can build great businesses, products and services.

Market Gap

At NextStep Systems, we believe that there is a great unexplored potential in the market that most incubators and accelerators ignore or oversee. Most accelerators focus on good developers or fresh graduates who can build a technical start-up, but they either totally ignore the fact that a technical start-up requires someone who has already launched a technical start-up or someone who is a seasoned technical professional or in most cases, incubators and accelerators lack access to seasoned mentors and advisors who can build great highly technical start-ups. While using fresh graduates to help build a technical start-up seems like a perfectly viable approach for any internet start-up, however it has many drawbacks.