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Dooet is a discovery and search engine for mobile content. Mobile content includes mobile applications, games, ringtones, wallpapers, animations, videos, themes and anything that can be installed on mobile handsets. Dooet can crawl any website (not only appstores), extract information from it, identify extracted field and then index them. Dooet has already indexed more than 26 million products from more than 5000 different websites. Dooet can identify key product features such as platform, type, size, version, developer, publisher and category. Dooet can also work on websites in different languages and it can still identify information correctly.

Video Presentation

What is Dooet? How does it work? How users benefit from it?

Dooet Explained

Highlight most of the features in the search engine

Dooet Social Features

See how the actions of your friends might affect the rankings in your result and create cool social search engine!