NextStep System is a virtual incubator and an investment company. As an incubator, we help entrepreneurs build their technical start-up on a co-funding & co-founding basis. We will take care of all backend technical development of the start-ups we will be investing in and will allow entrepreneurs to focus on their core business, customer gathering and revenue generation.
We have a very unique and different approach to helping startups achieve their goals.

Yes, we do. We have a full team of mentors and advisors. In addition, we can connect you with potential co-founders and clients. At a later stage, we can also help introduce your start-up to VCs and angel investors.

Any entrepreneur who has a promising idea and would like to turn it into an internet startup. If an entrepreneur lacks technical knowledge or funding to build the start-up, then we are ready to help them succeed. We are ready to work on co-funding basis (cash plus equity) to help build the startup.

The amount of equity we will take depends on the investment needed and how much funding the start-up is ready to contribute, plus the level of effort required from our end. Typically, it’s approximately between 25%-50%.

We provide you with one mentor and several stealth mentors who can help you validate the idea and prioritize your product/service features. We can also connect you with potential buyers in the industry who will also help you in understanding the point of view of a real buyer.

No unless it's an exceptionally good investor proposition. We are not looking for investors ourselves as the incubator is backed up by many strong investors. But there is always a possibility that we may consider a new and interesting partner who is ready to take the risk with us and will bring experience and connections. If you possess what it takes to become a Partner at NextStep, then please email our legal consultant and we will happily evaluate your candidacy.

We help define and prioritize product features in order to help start-ups achieve their business goals. We help entrepreneurs design, build their backend systems, refine their website and mobile clients.

You will have your first partner! We are ready to co-invest in your idea if we find it interesting. We will save you from the trouble of finding a professional technical team, we will share the cost of development with you and will continuously support the product/services for any modifications or improvements that might be needed. You will have immediate access to potential investors who are ready to invest in your startup even if your business idea is at an early stage and all you have is a business plan and an executive summary. We are ready to work with you on building your dream technical startup and a presentable MVP product.

Depends on the startup and how complicated the product is. Please contact us and we will give you a personalized quote.

1) We would like to see innovative ideas that have good potential. We don’t like copycat startups.

2) We also favor entrepreneurs who have good functional experience in a certain industry.

3) We prefer non-technical entrepreneurs. By co-founding and co-funding technical start-up ideas put forward by non-technical entrepreneurs, we help non-technical entrepreneurs build ground-breaking tech start-ups by taking care of every aspect of backend technical product/service building. By taking care of the technical aspects of the start-up will enable the start-up founder(s) to concentrate on market testing, early customer feedback, product building and sales. NextStep can look after the technical side of the start-up, allowing the start-ups and their founders to focus on their core strengths.

We don’t give cash money to entrepreneurs. We believe that a technical startup needs the money to build their product and its technical functions. Since NextStep will help build the technical aspects of the product, then cash money will not be needed. In addition, we will co-fund the development of the startup until the entrepreneur has an MVP version ready. Our technical product building support alongside complementary support in other key areas of the start-up ecosystem, such as HR, finance, legal, PR, marketing, business development and sales can be equivalent to an approximate investment value in access of US$ 50K-250K per startup, and in some cases, up to $500K. NextStep has a long-term investment horizon and our exit strategy will reflect this on a case-by-case basis. For some start-ups, the MVP will take a lot longer as opposed to others.

You can think of NextStep both an incubator, a VC and an investment company. We follow the normal life cycle of a venture capital. We will make money by the following two ways:
1) Either from income generated by the startups we incubate. Since we are working on co-funding basis, therefore we will have shares in all startups that we incubate and we will share net income with the founders.
2) By selling equity of the incubated start-ups once they raise more capital or through their exit.
As a Venture Capital company, we know that investing in a startup has high risks. However, we strongly believe in the abilities of our team, our investment strategy and the selection criteria that we are following.