As an incubator, we will be the first party to invest in a startup, so we can have full confidence in all the start-ups we will be co-funding and co-founding. Our core investment philosophy is simple: we invest in PEOPLE with passion, with high-impact, far-reaching ideas and an undying passion to pursue their dreams, an ability to have a follow through, an ability to persevere and a go-getter attitude.

There are two kinds of investors that we seek:

  • Core-Level Investors: The core-level investors are the investors who will be directly investing in NextStep and might join the board of directors provided their investment is high.
  • Startup-Level Investors: The start-up level investors are those investors who are ready to invest in one or more startups of their choice. Early stage investors can be risky, but also offers bigger equity stake for the investors. The initial seed stage is about US$50,000-$500,000.