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Meody is a company that specialises in messaging solutions. We offer a full solution, which is tailored to both server/client.
The messaging solutions that we have developed can be used either by users, mobile network operators or by companies. The messaging solution allows for exchange of files such as images, voice messages, video messages and other files.


We knew messaging is a huge market and has great potential. We started by sitting down to study the messaging market and we remarked that although there are many messaging solutions available out there (im+, yahoo, ...etc) but all have several shortages:
1) No good use of mobile. Most are standard messengers accessible from mobile (with the exception of whatsapp and viber). A mobile messenger should use mobile features such as audio/video recording and send it during the chat. Also few are using contact list of mobile (this has changed now in 2014).
2) No good server/client solution offered in the market for businesses to install. Let us take an example of a multinational company working in many geographical areas. This company needs to allow its employees to exchange messages and keep those messages confidential to the company.
It doesn't want to:
a) Let employees use their own messenger ids because employees might exchange confidential information for the company and any employee will still have access to their private messengers even after they leave the company.
b) The company might want to organize employees into working groups and give certain permissions to some of them. This can't be controlled easily with a general messenger
c) The company still need to encourage BYOD (bring your own device behavior) where each employee can bring his/her own smartphone while keeping its information confidential.
That is how we spot there's a specific need in the market that is still not filled.

Product Definition

While defining the need of the market and doing the system architecture, it was clear that we have first to build a general messenger but make it easily controllable. The business plan identified four main types of messengers that can be built which are:
1) Standard messenger: installed on end-user devices and supported by ads or sponsorship of a company
2) Operator Messenger: Can be sponsored by an operator and uses phone contacts to identify people on the operator (where they can have free messaging). This messenger will be totally branded by the operator
3) Business Messenger: suitable to SME companies which need dedicated messenger installed for them. The messenger will be also rebranded in this case and the company will be able to control the solution at their side.
4) Buddy Version: suitable for couples where only two people are paired in messenger. No more wrong window messaging. This version is also suitable for kids/parent websites.


The development has gone through many different stages. Our methodology was agile development with many quick iterations to get more feedback from customers.
We started with a subset of features and released an early version in 2012. We kept on improving and adding features to these versions until we have an excellent version that can easily compete in features with Whatsapp and Viber. Our solution is totally customizable from the server side. We also added lot of exciting features such as anonymous and geo-location chats.


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    Ayman Bahbouh

    Founder at meody, Advisor at FasterCapital. Holds Bachelor's Degree from Arkansas Tech University. Linkedin Profile

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    Fred Grattan

    CoFounder at Meody, Mentor at FasterCapital. Holds MBA from London Business School. Linkedin Profile

Meody Company Video Presentation

A short video explaining what is Meody, features and a quick look at its different flavors as messenger.

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